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Camera Mundi, offers high quality professional development directed to practical application and tempered to Puerto Rico’s reality.  Our offer ranges from the use and integration of materials and technology in the classroom to the latest educational strategies and methods.  Our faculty of highly qualified professionals works hand in hand with students, parents, and teachers of all levels, from early childhood to higher education. In the early childhood sector, and as exclusive representatives of Teaching Strategies, its Creative Curriculum, and the GOLD assessment system, our certified staff has trained over 1,500 teachers and assistants and offered over 6,000 contact hours each year.

Our Centro Educativo para el Desarrollo Profesional (CEDePro) is located in our facilities in Caguas. We have have 6 classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology and 200 parking spaces for the comfort of our participants, but are able to offer on-site training upon request.

All our trainings are conducted in Spanish. 


For additional information please contact Rubén Ramos at


“I loved it, now my interactions with my children will have a broader purpose and I will know how to make them more enriching.”

— Therangelie García Hernández, Maestra HS Caguas

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