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Camera Mundi provides technology to support Career, Technical and Vocational  Education in areas such as electronics, robotics automation, pneumatic systems, technological exploration, science, auto mechanics, agro-sciences, information systems, computer repair, renewable energy, communications, avionics, food processing, chemistry, and many others.  You will also find all the equipment and curricular materials needed to support STEM education at every level, from early childhood up to higher education.

We provide not only the latest technology to keep your institution at the forefront of education, but also the opportunity to offer these courses online.  Our services include dozens of interactive courses with animation and high graphic content, developed by industry experts that are part of a high quality curriculum and  endorsed by industry. 

Every course is complemented by laboratory equipment for the classroom, and most of their manuals are available both in Spanish and English.  All our equipment and curricular materials are aligned with industry requirements and with the educational standards required by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, including integration with academic curriculum such as Math.  This provides students with an enriched experience that will benefit them when competing for future jobs.

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All CTE programs must provide students the means to build their digital portfolio. 
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