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Camera Mundi has been providing educational technology solutions since the High Tech Division was created in 1992. We offer a wide variety of solutions for the classroom: Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, LCD panels and tables, clickers and interactive response systems, and provide value added solutions that include desktops, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1 and many other devices with educational content and applications and, as part of the Intel Education Alliance we serve as local integrator and provider. We are also a MICROSOFT products provider and a Dell Certified Partner.

We offer the widest range of educational content, applications, software and tools to support and enrich the learning environments. By carefully selecting the companies and the solutions we represent we make sure that they fit the needs of our local educational systems. We are constantly aligning the content and the tools to the local standards and, in many occasions, the versions used here are modified to enrich the specific needs of our customers, including solutions for all the curricular subjects and for all the academic levels.

We offer integrated complete educational technology systems that range from early childhood with manipulatives and simple technology, to complete robotics and STEM systems integrating sensors and state-of-the-art data collection solutions, and a wide range of 3D equipment, content and systems to provide a life changing learning experience for students.  All our solutions are provided with on site training and post installation support. We are constantly raising the bar in terms of warranty and "no questions asked" service and training policies.

We at Camera Mundi are very proud of our team.  Our staff of highly qualified technicians is committed to provide a high quality service to every teacher through the proper installation, configuration, training, repair, warranty, and support. They are happy to solve your problem.

We serve schools all over Puerto Rico, from Cabo Rojo to Culebra, and complete more than 30 service appointments daily.

For more information on our products contact our Marketing Representatives.
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