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Camera Mundi  is a pioneer in the Special Education area.  In Puerto Rico, we advocated for the implementation of the "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA) and organized the first Assistive Technology Conference in 1990.  Today our commitment still stands.  We are the first institution in Puerto Rico to obtain accreditation in "Complex Rehab" of The Joint Commission. 

A dedicated group of 15 professionals will offer you every option available for the inclusion of children and adults with different capabilities. Our staff of specialists is certified in Special Education, Rehabilitation and Positioning, Assistive Technology, Low Vision, Speech Pathology, and others.  They will help you find the right equipment, tool or device for your specific need. 

We offer assistive technology devices such as communicators, software, switches, interfaces, stimulation equipment; and also on site training for parents, teachers and students. 


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Special Education – DEPR



Assistive Technology

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