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Camera Mundi is the most comprehensive provider of educational technology, products, services and solutions for the educational market in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Our staff of experts and curriculum specialists is constantly searching and evaluating products from all over the world that could satisfy the specific needs of our children and educational system, so you can be confident that the product provided will exceed your expectations.

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Warranty & Service Policy

Our products comply with the highest quality standards in the industry and are backed up by our "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" policy in terms of the warranty and service support for each offering.  Our service is on site and we have the infrastructure to repair whenever possible, swap or replace the products in the field as needed. As part of our infrastructure, we have a 22,000 sqft manufacturing facility that helps expedite repairs and warranty support needs.

In terms of trainings, all our offerings are covered by the unlimited "Use and Handling" training offering.  It is always available if the customers carry our products. 

We offer a help desk to support our service requests.

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